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Wall Street ended the day Tuesday, with solid gains after a rollercoaster ride that saw losses halved from Mondays plunge.

Markets in Asia were down seven percent but regained momentum to close down 4.7 percent.

Y en Promise, que son expertos en lencería, lo saben.

Y es que la lencería que esconde ese vestido es, en realidad, el misterio del día y de la noche, ese que no se desvela más que para uno y que lo hace además contando con la complicidad de algún complemento elegido para la ocasión a modo de romántico picardías.

Researchers in Germany have raised the alarm after discovering bacteria immune to antibiotics in several streams, rivers and lakes.

Thousands of people in Germany die each year from diseases caused by these pathogens.

Online shopping is set to become easier for many Europeans as national restrictions for online content face an EU ban.

But streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are exempt from the decision.

The carmaker is suspected of having manipulated more cars than hitherto acknowledged.A man has said he wrote to the pope in 2015 to inform him of a bishop's cover-up of sexual abuse.The victim of sexual abuse said "it is a pity to hear him lie" after the pope denied having been presented with evidence.Brexit opponents have begun pushing for a new referendum in the hopes that British voters will have had a change of heart about leaving the European Union.That may just be so, reports Samira Shackle from London.

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