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I looked around the internet for some great ideas on how to present it, and ended up doing something similar to this idea found over at Find Joy in the Journey.

I didn’t have a cute basket to put mine in, and I don’t actually have anything in the envelopes (yet), but I liked the idea of tailoring the dates to the specific month and having them all planned out, with hopefully all we’d need for those dates in the envelopes.

One of my friends did that for her husband and he apparently loved it.

While I set mine up differently than she did and have different dates planned, she was a great help in putting it all together – Thanks Erin!

However, being on a debt free quest or making the decision to live frugally can sometimes throw an old monkey wrench in the romantic liaisons department.

While thrifty thinking can change your automatic date instincts it definitely doesn’t mean that all those fun nights together have to end. Just like with most things, when you’re being careful with your money you just need to get a little creative with your plans. It might not sound like a “date” date and it surely isn’t a traditional date idea but the point is to connect with each other. Take your dog out (or borrow your friend’s dog) for a long walk and stop and watch the sunset along the way. Hit a Nature Trail If there is a local park in your area, head for the nature trail for a refreshing hike. Rent the Latest Thriller Head to the local Redbox or rent a movie On Demand to watch an intense movie snuggled up together.

I think it’s such a unique idea of a date night at home with your spouse!

Even if neither of you are very artistic, I’m sure it’ll be fun either way!

I had Josh pick out five of the ten colors (to hopefully make it more cohesive), and then we got to work. I did the fireball of doom, and we both worked together to do the upper left side, which we redid and redid as neither of us would like what the other one would do – ha.On the backside of each envelope I then pasted another piece of paper that hinted at the fun date nights we would be having that month.I just wrote with a pen what month that envelope was for (fancy, I know).If you want to save money, raise great kids, improve your marriage, or enjoy a cleaner home, then join more than 10,000 others and receive helpful tips straight to your inbox.As a thank you for joining you'll receive several FREE household printables and other great perks too! For Christmas this year I gave my husband Josh “A Year of Dating” – 24 date nights, 12 out and 12 in, two for each month of the year.

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