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It might be time to find some balance in your social media life.

An AARP study of aged 45 and older found that 35 percent of them were lonely, and that 13 percent of lonely respondents felt “they have fewer deep connections now that they keep in touch with people using the Internet.” (5) Just because we’re liking friends’ statuses or checking out their vacation photos doesn’t mean we feel connected to them; in fact, we might even be spending less time on activities that build in-person networks, like volunteering, pursuing a hobby or getting involved in organizations we care about.Some people really just enjoy getting the latest cat videos or seeing photos of their grandchildren.But being too reliant on social media can be a problem for some, and can make mental health problems, like depression or anxiety, even worse. Here are some warning signs: Did you recognize yourself in the warning signs?In fact, researchers are calling it a loneliness epidemic — it increases the risk factor of premature death as much or even more than being obese. One well-known study found that, even after controlling for factors like sex, age and perceived social support, the larger an adolescent’s Facebook network, the more diurnal cortisol they produced.Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and elevated levels of it can lead to anxiety and sleep disorders, among other things.

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