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Instant Chemistry is a Canadian biotech company that develops tools for assessing the compatibility of two individuals.Its services rely on both genetics and psychology to help better determine the biological compatibility of two people, as opposed to pairing couples based on interests or location.The App Store also finally enabled third-party apps to be developed for the i Phone and provided a centralized way to search for and download these apps.When Kevin Carmony heard about the i Phone and App Store, his mind raced with the possibilities of developing an app for the 75% of adults who owned a cell phone at that time.In January 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and introduced the world to the first i Phone saying, “Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” Six months later, the first i Phone was released and its unique touch interface and full web browser became the new standard for how users would interact with mobile devices.After much outcry, the App Store landed a year later as an easy solution for users to browse and install non-native applications on their i Phones.The majority of today’s matchmaking services rely on using shared interests, algorithms and proximity to help generate matches for singles searching for love online.

They often just match them, and then they go off into the distance, and they only track them again if they break up.

We couldn’t manage the two companies and we had very different objectives.

“I think the experiment of trying to combine a biotech company partner with a dating company didn’t really work, and they have to be rolled into one.” But although this particular partnership was not successful, the Canadian company has committed to pushing forward with its science-based matchmaking technologies.

“Initially, we were selling almost one hundred kits a month, when we first launched last summer, and it was going really well.

I can’t say for sure, but I think the issue was that essentially they had a different vision for the company and wanted to go in a different direction.

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“It’s very rare that you have the couples re-engage with the dating site, so I actually see our couples kit as something that is very complimentary to a dating site that is trying to enlarge the life cycle and value of the customer.

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