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After graduating, he received the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and continued at Harvard, where he earned master’s and doctoral degrees in philosophy.The focus for his doctoral dissertation (1955) was John Dewey’s theory of inquiry – and this provided him with the pragmatist framework that runs through his later work.Both books show the influence of the work of his great friend and colleague, Raymond Hainer.(Donald Schon had been able to work through his ideas with Hainer, and to draw upon, for example, his exploration of pragmatism, rationalism and existentialism [Hainer 1968]).Pakman (2000:3) goes on to comment: The interest in metaphor expressed in that book, would grow years later toward his elaborations on “generative metaphor,” and its role in allowing us to see things anew.Thus, he was already showing some of what would be epistemological enduring interests for his inquiry, namely: learning and its cognitive tools, and the role of reflection (or lack of it) in learning processes in general, and conceptual and perceptual change in particular.On this page we review his achievements and focus on three elements of his thinking: learning systems (and learning societies and institutions); double-loop and organizational learning (arising out of his collaboration with Chris Argyris); and the relationship of reflection-in-action to professional activity.

While he was there he began a very fruitful collaboration with Chris Argyris.

He graduated from Yale in 1951 (Phi Beta Kappa), where he studied philosophy.

He was also a student at the Sorbonne, Paris and Conservatoire Nationale de Music, where he studied clarinet and was awarded the Premier Prix.

He sought to offer an approach to an epistemology of practice based on a close examination of what a (small) number of different practitioners actually do.

The heart of this study was, he wrote, ‘an analysis of the distinctive structure of reflection-in-action’ (1983: ix).

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There is a concern with professional learning, learning processes in organizations, and with developing critical, self-reflecting practice.

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