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You met a cute girl and had a nice conversation with her.

There was a spark and you knew that she was definitely someone you wanted to see again!

And to do that, you need to keep the texts going back and forth regularly.

Lengthy texts can make her bored if she’s waiting a while for you to respond.

Leave a question at the end of your text message that maintains the conversation, for example:– “Ps.Most likely, you won’t be the only one who’s texting her. Play it safe Your texting approach depends on how your interaction went the moment before you took her number.Ideally, to start your conversation, you would refer to something from the conversation you had with her in real life.Somebody once told me, “If you can make her laugh, you can make her love you.” It’s not far from being true!Women see a sense of humor as one of the most important qualities a man can have.

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If you don’t know anything about her other than the fact that she’s hot, play it safe, keep it simple and don’t overthink it too much.

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  1. Could the daughter have done anything to make the father feel at ease? Should he have said anything to show more trust in his daughter? Does the boy pick up the girl from her house or do they meet somewhere?

  2. A post I made about why women shouldn't take the initiative in relationships evoked some questions about how to deal with shy men - after all, shy men don't chase women, and are unlikely to initiate anything.