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However, you have to know that the setup cannot be performed through the web interface (at the moment). You will need to logon locally on the console of each PROXMOX VE hosts and perform the following tasks or you can use your favorite ssh client tool (I’m using Putty.exe) in order to remotely connect to your PROXMOX VE hosts and perform the configuration steps. Important Note : Before trying to create the cluster, you will need to ensure that both PROXMOX VE Hosts are in sync.You have to check that both hosts have the same time.Crer une VM avec une ip locale (dans la plage comme expliqu dans le tutoriel prcdent.Dans la suite de ce tutoriel, nous supposerons que l'ip de votre VM locale est .10 et que l'ip de votre serveur sous proxmox est Pour autoriser toutes les VM locales avoir accs internet, sur l'hte proxmox, vous devez ajouter cette ligne votre firewall Maintenant, votre VM locale a accs internet.If you don't specify a dumpdir, it stores in /vz/dump Just copy the backup file to destination server using SCP or RSYNC command. vzdump --restore /path/to/101 (e.g) vzdump --restore /home/backup/101101 Start the VPS once you restored the VPS.As mentioned in my previous posts, PROXMOX VE (PVE) can be run as a cluster.If you login into your console, you can notice on the home page on the top section that you have the information about the cluster and status of the nodes.Note : It’s possible that just after creating the cluster, you will get a blinking message specifying that nodes are not in sync.

We will come back to these topics in some future posts.

-r, --remove-area yes|no Whether to remove container on source host after successful migration.

--keep-dst Do not clean synced destination container private area in case of some error.

With a PROXMOX VE Cluster, you will be able to perform “live migration” even if you do not have shared storage.

In case of hardware maintenance, you will be able to move “on the fly” the virtual machines on another node with no downtime (or limited downtime). If you haven’t implemented any shared storage, you might have no more access to some of your virtual machines.

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