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We had the choice of lots of excursions and chose to take part in 2 of them. ) i can recommend both the excursions we took part in.

The jepp safari was a fantastic day out, the teenagers in particular enjoyed this experience.

He compared it to his dissapointment at not seeing nessy at Loch Ness in Scotland.

But her father the fiddler taught Yiddish to me in secret. A woman named Rimma, another never-be-Rukhl like me. With anonymous instruments gleaming silver and frost, she scraped my language out. We slide through life--bypassing history, curling memory into smoke from the cigarettes packed for emergency visits from ghosts in the night. And only the ancient fiddler stays behind, a patriarch of loss, fingers numb and weeping in the cold.

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In addition to Roza, my parents rejected Regina (pretentious), Renata (pretentious), Rimma (low-brow), Rita (uncultured), Raisa (worse than Rita), Rina (too Jewish), Roxana (too Ukrainian), Rostislava (too Russian), and Raya ("I just don't like it"). My grandmother stitched the family I love you's into the comforter cover. He had his heart packed in the violin case and ready to go, but they never did come for him.

Na Re bypasses names--bypasses the rest of the sounds that would make me too pretentious, too low-brow, too bourgeois, too communist, too Jewish, too goyish. Sometimes I imagine her running after the ghost guards in her nightgown at night, crying Take it! for that's how the story takes shape, that you must exchange your treasures for life--and if they bypass your treasures they will take your life, perhaps to return it later, mangled, memory-less; and it will leave again then, leave for good, that life-shaped emptiness that gnaws and cusses at its tormentors: the wife, the child. Or perhaps my grandmother exchanged the comforter for bread on the long flight away from the war, from where the sirens wailed; or perhaps she simply took the wrong comforter, her I love you's trampled into the earth under the growing heap of bodies. She spoke Russian to me--purer than permafrost, rigid like her husband's dictionary of salvation. The next day my grandmother took me to the speech pathologist. When the guards came, they could not find me on the list. So they took my little bag, carried my I love you's away to starve, to freeze, to lose their minds, their speech, to work away the years.

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