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It really isn’t hard to understand – it works out like this: You know – some guys are just lucky with the ladies.We’ve all seen them; they walk into some setting and scope it out.And if you want to supplement your game with some online dating, then you will definitely want to know what the best websites are.So today, I’m going to outline the 6 best online dating sites and why they are on top. Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics.

If they aren’t open to it then it’s not going to happen no matter how lucky or how good you are.

Instead, we have to learn some killer seduction techniques – techniques that just don’t fail to get laid tonight.

That’s right; to and every night; we have to learn some stealth techniques that will enable us to score almost every time with the women we find attractive.

You don’t really rule them out as someone you might seduce; but the competition for them will be a lot stronger.

The ones who look like they just rolled out of bed are trying not to call attention to themselves; they certainly aren’t trying to attract anyone; these are the ones least likely to be open to seduction. Then there are the ones who are in between the two extremes; these are the ones you want to focus on; they are the best candidates for seduction.

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  1. Kinda lame that even when he knows girl can't falling in love with him, that he forced her into ship with him, it was painfull to him when he was dating her... -.- I started dislike him when he go after Futaba when she was heartbroken, even when his friends said that he shouldn't do that so fast... I understand your feelings", but only one small moment Fu with Kou and he "I can't wait!