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These images often come with intense feelings of both excitement and shame and are very confusing for young kids.

If your child does come to you or you find out that they have viewed inappropriate sites () explain that there are some things online (you tube and instagram are the biggest offenders) that kids are not meant to see.

I was formally trained and was comfortable talking about what I consider to be an exciting part of growing up. It’s our job because kids are learning about it without our help and it’s not going well. I’m breaking it down into two sections- young kids and teens.

There were always a few kids that had deeper questions and I would encourage them to go home and discuss with their parents, with the hope that most parents would be comfortable engaging in a healthy dialogue. Personally, I think the teen piece is critical because pretty much everyone is overlooking this in terms of our teenagers’ healthy sexual development.

Tell them you know they are curious- stress that that is completely normal- but some of the pictures and videos online are .

Most importantly, let your children know that what they see online is NOT REAL. Sexual activity is normal, but what they’re seeing is staged.

Today’s topic however, I’m going to guess, NO ONE is comfortable discussing. Elizabeth Schroeder, the executive director of Answer, a national sex-education organization based at Rutgers University, said: “Your child is going to look at porn at some point.

If you have a child 10 and up who uses the internet, you need to at least think about it.

I want to make sure you understand some important aspects of these sites and the risks associated with this material.”You should then go on to stress that the computer itself becomes tagged in the cyber world once pornographic sites have been visited.

Servers become “aware” of where a computer has been.

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