Validating a process model

To choose the best of the first kind, and the ability to perform probability and statistical analysis to predict and then react to any change in the second kind, and the wisdom to know the difference!" Wisdom is the accurate application of accurate knowledge.The way that our action impact the outcome of a decision depends on how the inputs and parameter of the problem are interrelated and how they relate to the outcome.

The reality is that the not-for-profit is a far more complex organization that is responsible to diverse groups of stakeholders.When the outcome of a decision depends on our course of action, then we must consider all actions, one by one.This is to bring about a desirable change in some other aspect of our action.When LP Examiners speak of Galton points (Level 2 details) in court, it is because Galton points are a simplistic manner to demonstrate features the layperson and court more readily understand.It does not mean that is all we use to effect an identification.

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