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For the last few years there has been a growing interest in ‘Zozo’, the supposed demonic entity that is often times depicted on paranormal reality television shows as having been conjured up using the or spirit board.

Little has been written about Zozo throughout the decades yet the reports range from the 1800s to recent days.

People from across the world are claiming to have come in contact with someone, or something calling itself Zozo. The name Zozo exploded into popularity just a few years ago when paranormal reality shows began using the name as an explanation for supposed hauntings or cases of demonic possession.

It’s been spread around that when you use a Ouija board to conjure up spirits, Zozo might just answer the call. However, the stories of Zozo are just that…stories.

In addition to our work in the public transit and construction industries, we also have marketing communications experience in the private sector as small business marketing consultants.But this is what these paranormal reality shows are feeding the viewers that want nothing more than to gobble it up.Every other week a demon infested home is getting fumigated by part-time ghost busters and every week millions tune in to see nothing happening. It’s a fact that police stations across the United States receive strange calls regarding paranormal activities.Professors and researchers from UCLA Medical and Psychology were present inside Doris’s small home when something demonic manifested in front of their eyes.Before any of this happened, Doris had an unhealthy obsession with the Ouija board.

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If you talk to these paranormal teams it seems like Zozo is haunting a different home each week across America. Filtering out the whack-jobs and the cases with reasonable explanations, there remains a sliver of cases that go unexplained.

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